Tuesday, January 11, 2011


George with her wrecked graham cracker house, she didn't care, it was easier to eat that way.
My husband worries about my plugs catching my house on fire, so I replaced it with a power strip instead.
A set from the Nutcracker, it was near the end and my attention span was waning so I kept hearing "Ca-li-for-nia- gurls..." run through my head.
The girls watch a lot of Mythbusters, this was one experiment they took on themselves. You mesh 2 phone books together one page at a time, then try to pull them apart. It worked and they were hard to get apart!
Yes, please park your enormous U-Haul in the middle of the street, no I didn't want to see the car that would run me over before it hit me, thanks. This house BTW is always having someone move in or out.
That same intersection featured last Tuesday, the very next day. That's Vegas weather for you.
Something my brother left in my coat pocket, I'm wondering what he's willing to do to get it back. :)
...1...or 2...3 ...or 4... 1 ... or 2...
Not the glasses she picked, but very similar to the kind she will be getting. 
Her cool "My eyes have been dilated" sunglasses
That's all from me, what's on your phone??


The WholeFamDamily said...

oooh blackmail for a fancy ring!! awesome!
her "dilated" sunglasses kinda look like the D&G ones i hope to get one day, haha!

Estell said...

bahaha California girls..thats hilarious
Im the same way with the plugs! its so hard not to do that lol

Karen Valinda said...

So Fred really IS getting glasses?
JE hasn't discussed ransoming his ring with me yet.
Nice powerstrip Ddonn. So glad you are safe now ;-}

Kristi said...

Hi there, I'm new to the game! Love the pic from the eye doctor, that made me LOL. Reminded me of my own optometrist experiences. Cool pics, can't wait for next week!

Angela said...

I always freak out at the optomitrist... I can never decide which number is clearer, and I always have it in my head that they are trying to trick me!
Ang xxx

HunDuddle Hussy said...

the phone book thing!?!? really?! now i have to try it. or at least tell my kids to do it. thats really cool.

zoo keeper said...

Ca-li-for-nia- gurls haha! i love it. that's what i see ;o)
and that reminds me i need to go call the eye doctor.

julielollar said...

I'm going to have to try the phone book experiment with my kids! They love that sort of thing.
The house next to us is constantly moved in and out of. So I feel ya on the U-Haul!
Your girlie looks super cute in glasses! :)

Amber said...

ahhhhhh the plug mess looks like something my husband would do as well!! I don't think they fully think things through sometimes! :)

Tami said...

my phone doesn't have a camera. And your cords still look scary.

Kathy said...

I am bored with this post. Make some new entertainment already!