Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Picture Page

George puked from Vegas to Reno, luckily she slept from Reno to Boise
 Jr read the safety card after each take off, there were 3, from cover to cover.
 Fred and ElCid chillin' in the row in front of us
 Grammy's backyard had a playground!
 Matey man
 Brrrrr it's cold outside
 Matey and Wil playing horsie
 I got a haircut!
  George got a hair cut!
Jr. got a hair cut!
Fred got the back of her hair trimmed a little bit
Matey and George having a blast in the tub :)
Wil and all the munchkins, my kids look a bit like her :)

1 comment:

Karen Valinda said...

I love it!
The tub picture reminds me of the ones of you 3, when there were Only 3
That last picture has the best looking kids EVER in it!
Did you notice that Wil looks more like Aunt DD the older she gets? She was the only one of you that looked like me instead of your dad and as she ages she looks like his little sister - yeesh! I need stronger genes