Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Bed!

We made it home from St. George very early this afternoon as Fred decided this morning that she didn't feel well. George, Jr and I found a 9 am Sacrament meeting to attend, we packed up, had lunch and were on our way. Poor Fred didn't make it through the gorge but has been ok since then. Her stomach is still touchy but being home has been a happy thing.

We had a good time and the girls always enjoy spending time with their cousins. Saturday we went and saw Tangled - LOVED it, and I'm very happy with how my version of the dress turned out. There was snow on the ground when we woke up this morning and Jr and George had a blast making slush balls.

There are 17 short school days until Christmas Break and only 26 days until Christmas it's self! I have a lot to get done before then including 2 orders. Our plans for that break aren't set in stone yet as we have our anniversary the week before Christmas (12 years!) and the week after ElCid has a few projects to finish.

This year is zooming to a close and I hope I finish everything before it does!


An Wanna said...

If your children need more snow you can send them my way. We got over a foot this week and it is still snowing.

Karen Valinda said...

Hey Lindy! JE and I made it home! And the house is still standing, and Buh made us goodies and the fish are alive and so are my plants!!!
Glad your dress is a happy thing for you *-^
We left a melty muddy Tacoma to come home to below 20 and snow on all the yards ;-} etc
that's cheating!!!