Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesdays with Jessica

So what's new on my phone this week?
Not much but since I didn't do a post last Tuesday I have something to share :)

My Extra Kid's haircut

I sent this pic to his mom after I finished it up.


cause she's just too cute?

Harry Potter fun, waiting in line. It did get a lot more crowded after I took this pic. We're with Fred's friend and her sister, the girl who usually babysits for us.

There was a monkey at school! In Teacher Barbie's classroom.

The spoils of Black Friday, these are mine and Kathy's bags.
The big pink box are her awesome new boots!

Caviar at the surprise Birthday party in St. George. Lala's Aunt brought it with her from Russia so we served it at her birthday party. There were lots of other good things to eat.


Zanne said...

You weren't kidding! They really did have a monkey at school.

julielollar said...

A monkey at school? Crazy!

You are brave! No black Friday shopping for me! I do it online!

HunDuddle Hussy said...

u guys need to teach me how to black friday shop!!!

zoo keeper said...

u r brave i just couldn't get up that early and brave the crazies uh er i mean not that your crazy ;o)