Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday, karma edition

Kathy and I were very tired yesterday so we decided to just stay in St. George and show here. Karma kicked us in the hiney for that mistake and we swear we'll never be too tired again.

We started at 11:00pm at Children's Place. I found a skirt & leggings for Fred, PJ's for George and Jr. George's Talent Show outfit, sparkly and cream velvet jumper, silver sparkly tights, cream and sparkly headband. I also grabbed a few stocking stuffers. I saved 70.90 as everything was 50% off. ;)

Next was Osh Kosh and I got 2 pairs of jeans for Jr, 1 pair jeans for George, a yoga pant/long sleeve tee combo for each Jr & George, a long sleeve pink tee that says Future Prima Ballerina for George because I just couldn't resist! I saved about $80.

We stopped at Old Navy and they were totally ridiculous only letting 30 people in at a time so we skipped them and went on to Wal Mart simply for laughs as the check out line was 2 hours long.

We crossed the street to Kohl's where we waited in 27 degree weather for 2.5 hours and nearly froze only to be nearly killed in the mad crush of people to get in. It was like those scenes you see on the news and shake your head really glad you weren't there...except I was!

I got tons of sweaters, tanks, tees - both long and short sleeved and 2 fabulous pairs of jeans for Fred. I also found Jr's Talent show dress there. I saved $242.18 there, great? yes. Go to Kohl's in St. George ever again? No way!

Next was JC Penny and I got more jeans, and sweaters for Fred. I also grabbed 2 work shirts for Peter and 3 t shirts. I also grabbed 2 work pants and 1 pair jeans, I had to return the pants, I really underestimated the size of his waist. I saved about $230

We stopped at Old Navy on the way home grabbed sleep pants for all the adult women in the family, more jeans for Fred, a few more tanks, leggings and jeans. I saved $73.50

Fred's final count is jeans - 8, skirt - 1, tanks - 5, plain tees - 4, long sleeved tees - 3, leggings - 4, sweaters - 3, shirts - 3. I will NOT be tolerating any more fits about lack of wardrobe!!!

We made it home at 5 am and I crashed out for several lovely hours!


Karen Valinda said...

Buh sez cool. Moga and I are awed as usual ;-}
Yeah Fred! Hooray for being the right size to snag the best deals *-^

An Wanna said...

U iz both CRAZY!