Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Little Lovie!!

Dear Lovie,
You were my first NICU baby and the thought of leaving you at the Hospital still brings me to tears. The first 2 days you were alive Daddy and Grammy got to visit you but I couldn't! Once I got to hold you I never wanted to put you down.

Pretty quickly you didn't want to be held and you loved making mischief with Fred and The Extra kid!

You have such a strong personality and a good heart. I am so blessed to be your mom, it's a great job to have!

You have always been such a happy go lucky girl. Your smile lights up the room and makes other people smile too!

Fred loved you dearly from the very moment we brought you home and was always so excited to play with you. Stay close to your sisters, be patient with them, have fun with them and remember they are the closest family you have!

Those big brown eyes of yours have gotten you out of trouble and what you wanted way too many times to count. Use them wisely they are a powerful weapon!
You are just as smart as you are pretty and you have so many things you can do when you grow up! Whether it's a marine biologist or a geologist or a fabric cutter at JoAnn or a Mom you are going to only get more awesome!
You are my little sweetheart who gets crushed quite easily. The world isn't always a nice place and they need your sweet spirit to remind them how wonderful they can be.
You have made many important decisions in your life and I pray you will always keep the covenants you have chosen to make. There will be many more decisions that you face and I hope you will use the same level head when the time comes.
As you continue to grown into such an awesome young lady I hope you remember how much your Mommy and your family love you and wish you all the happiness you deserve!

Happy 9th Birthday!!


Kathy said...

Such a cute girl! It will be a shame for her if those brown eyes don't work someday. I can't believe how big that white dress is on her. She is such a little sticky stick.

Safire said...

Cute cute girl! Happy birthday!

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday!!! We sure love you!
I can't believe how old you are:) So Exciting!!!

Hillary said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday! Nine is FINE! :)

An Wanna said...

Happy Birthday Jr!