Monday, October 11, 2010

Another Party Weekend

Birthday Month came to a close with another trip to St. George. We went to Pirate Island Pizza, hung out with Kathy, Bubba & Kafra and had a great time.

A great time that is until My Extra Kid decided he was "sick" and came to tell me every half hour, (starting at 1am, right after I went to bed) that his nose was runny, and he might cough, and that he puked (which he can do on command since he was 1), after I gave him medicine for the non existent runny nose and cough that he didn't like. Since I wasn't getting ANY sleep in UT I loaded everyone into the car and came home at 3am. It's a good thing I can make that drive on a caffeine induced state of wakefulness.

We aren't scheduled to be back in UT until Thanksgiving,
unless my kids get sick, then who knows!


An Wanna said...

That is like the hugest pizza ever! I'm jealous!

Karen Valinda said...

I am at the library glimpsing your awesome pizza! Sorry about puke on demand kids Ddonn. I used to save part of my sandwich and spit it into the toilet so I could "prove" I was sick and get sent home from school... that WAS first grade tho. Then school got too exciting to miss - for a while anyway!