Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Such Cute Kids!

 This morning Jr. went outside to check the temperature. 
I had to smile when she held out her finger to help determine the weather.
George often doesn't feel well, that happens when you aren't used to food in your stomach and you actually eat a normal human amount. She requests a bowl "just in case". She rarely uses the bowl. I took this picture the other night when she fell asleep in the hallway with the bowl over her face. I removed it after I took the picture.


An said...

Did she lick her finger before she held it out to check the temp? It helps to be able to factor in the wind. =)

An Wanna said...

My computer is misbehaving. I was also gonna say maybe George has some sort of allergy or something. It could explain why she doesn't eat often and why it would make her sick. Not sure if that is preferable to her just being picky/practicing to be a super model when she grows up.

Emily said...

I love that you captured these moments on camera!