Monday, September 20, 2010

Where my weekend went

On Friday ElCid hosted the Ultimate pinewood derby for the Elder's Quorum.
I popped popcorn and poured drinks.

My kids took pictures.
Jr's car "crossing" the finish line. ElCid's Car, there were no rules for this race. The track. All the cars lined up.

George's car with Kai-Lan driving won the Petunia class. :) Everyone also sang her Happy Birthday.

Saturday I got to sleep in - ahhh Saturdays are certainly special days. I had big plans to get things done. My Extra Kid canceled all those plans when I got a phone call at 10 am from his Mom.

They had driven their vintage but rebuilt RV to Zion for the weekend. On the way up it starting making weird noises so they were going to have to get it towed home. Not a big deal her Mom and StepDad had driven their car up as well so they could hitch a ride back with them. Once they got there it was discovered her Mom's car had been having minor transmission problems so that might not be the best plan after all.

I became involved in all this with the phone call. My Extra Kid was stepping over a low dog fence and tripped and fell and severely dislocated his elbow. At first they thought he had broken it, it looked so bad. They would eventually need a ride home so I rushed to St. George where the ambulance had taken him and spent the day in the ER with Grandma, My Extra Kid and his parents.

The ER volunteer man got a Gold Star for the day. Only 2 people were allowed with the patient at once so near the end I was back keeping him entertained with his mom and his dad came to trade me places. When the man announced somebody had to switch I quickly got up to go. The guy was curious why and I explained that his dad was far more important in the room than I was so I should be the one to leave. The guy responded with "Oh so ,is he your brother?" I laughed and corrected him that My Extra Kid is well, my extra kid and volunteer man said "So that's why you're so worried, he's yours too." I smiled and agreed, at times like that he is mine too.

The poor boy had quite the adventure (it took 5 minutes to actually relocate the elbow) and everyone was famished by the time we made it to Five Guys Burgers and Fries - super yummy!

I still got a few things done that I had planned, I have 30 new McCalls patterns, they were .89 cents at Hancock this weekend. I took George to spend her gift card, she bought Zoobles and Squinkies. I don't think I could make these names up if I tried!

Everyone was cleaned for church today, where Fred sang My Heavenly Father Loves Me. She did a fabulous job, and everyone told her so. She has goals she's working on for Voice and one of them was to sing in church. Now she's done it once the music lady wants her to sing once a quarter, it will be a great goal to work on!

Tomorrow, or really later today I have PTSO meeting to revamp the bylaws so we can get our massive tax paper filed so we can be a tax exempt entity. I'm not looking forward to it but it has to be done so we can get FREE Disneyland tickets for our raffle prizes!

Well now you all know where my weekend went let's see what I accomplish this week!


Karen Valinda said...

Aunt Sandy has had a lot of extra kids over the years, just sayin'...
Glad the weekend is over so you can get back to just overwhelming ;-}
Oh wait, you are childfree 6? hours a day - we ain't seen NOTHING yet!
I love you Ddonn!

Hillary said...

So that's what you were doing on Friday. We tried all of your phones to wish the birthday girl a happy birthday. It sounds like she had a good day!

An Wanna said...

Hmm so now as PTSO president would you be eligible to win said tickets???

I'm glad your extra kid is ok.

Emily said...

What a great idea to do a pinewood derby for the big kids . . I mean Elder's Quorum!