Friday, September 17, 2010

Are you ready for this??

It's PARTY TIME people!! Miss George is 6!

From her humble beginnings at a whopping 5lbs. 4oz.
Oct. 04

To her illustrious career as cutest baby on the block.
May 05

Which developed into her multiple appearances as most darling toddler.
Oct. 06

And grew into her desire to be adored by all - from a DISTANCE.
Feb. 07

George loves being the most adorable, cuteness ever even if it is tiring.
June 08

Yet she never drops the ball, even when roughing it.
July 09

George is making her way through the world in her own way, on her own terms!
Sept. 10

Unfortunately her own way is sometimes blocked by her inability to drive and lack of credit card, like this morning when we told her yet again that her party isn't today, it's next Saturday.

Apparently waking up to balloons, presents, a new outfit and breakfast at McDonald's wasn't enough, I wonder who created such a cute little monster baby... er...uhm ... child.

Happy Birthday Georgie!!


Karen Valinda said...

OH NO! Why is my beautiful George crying??? Someone needs to spend time in a Corner for making the Birthday Girl cry ! ! !

However - What an amazing outfit, you look divine George ;-}

AND what an amazing monkey balloon, too cool ^o*

Breakfast at McDonalds!!! I should have been at your house for MY birthday... Maybe next year.

You were so tiny and sweet as a baby. Every year you get bigger and prettier and more fun to be around! It is truly amazing. I am so happy to be your Grammy.


Uncle Brent is at work and little uncle Jon E went to a football game but I will make sure they see your wonderful pictures when they get home and we will call to sing to you. On the phone we can even sing your REAL name... how about that?
I love you sweetie, you are my favorite youngest squirrel ;-Þ

Safire said...

Happy Birthday to Georgie! (Computer Girl loves your balloon and wants you to tell your mommy to tell her mommy where she got it so she can have it on her birthday.)

Looks like a fun morning...tears and all. :)

Kathy said...

From her humble beginnings as a preemie when I had to leave her alone for more than two weeks. This pain in my heart led to her constant cuddling and pampering, as it should have. However, a year later she was still being spoiled endlessly. Our family and friends thought it would eventually end, but alas, it did not. This developed into multiple appearances as a “shy” toddler who wanted nothing to do with the outside world.
And grew into her desire to be left alone by all or horrible screeching would ensue.
She could be very adorable when she pleased, especially if she was asleep.
She is always fashionable, even when roughing it.
George is making her way through the world expecting her own way, on her own terms!
Just thought a second draft was in order. :)

An Wanna said...

So wait Aunt Kathy makes it sound like she is over her "shy" stage. is she really?

Happy Birthday George! I tried calling yesterday (still late I know) but no one answered the phone...