Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Way back when -

I had a cute little Georgie.

She's still cute and she's still little but today her behavior that she's had since she was little reared it's ugly head, at school.

A poor little boy that hasn't caught the vision of the line up procedure, cut in front of her in line.

She got in his face, shrieking and hysterical that he was stepping on her backpack and squashing her lunch. His mom was standing 5 feet away.

The poor little boy looked like he'd been slapped, grabbed his bag and ran to the back of the line crying.

I let George know right there in front of everyone that that behavior was NOT ok. She was NOT going to treat her classmates that way and she could stand at the back of the line for the rest of the year if she was going to behave this way.

When her teacher came out I let her know that George was having trouble being at the head of the line and she could be in the back if she needed to. The teacher let me know that George had had a fit in class yesterday, shrieking at a classmate. This afternoon when I picked them up I asked the teacher to let me know if she EVER behaves that way again because we aren't playing that game! She said George had a good day and yes, I would be informed in the future of any fits.

*sigh* Kathy always said her behavior wasn't going to be cute one day, I guess that would be today.


Kathy said...

How is George supposed to know that the people at school wouldn't bow to her every whim like the people at home do?

That poor boy had probably never heard that noise before.

Safire said...

Sounds like you've got an exciting little girl there. :)

Karen Valinda said...

Well, you are NOT supposed to cut in line! The teacher probably already told him that this year but NOW he KNOWS.
Do YOU want to eat a squashed lunch? Does his mom WANT to raise a heathen bully that would cut in line and destroy people's lunches? Does she? I didn't think so.
I don't think sic'ing George on him a second time was a good idea tho' - threatening to send her to the back of the line when he had retreated there for safety...just sayin'
Very good letting George and all the bystanders know that her behavior was unacceptable, although if you had let it Slide her gathering of adoring, fearful minions eager do to her will and gain her approval would be SO much easier!!!
Oh wait, the goal is a socially acceptable, productive, confident, compassionate human being here, got mixed up with the tyrannical Empress of the Universe training course, Oops. (Well, there IS a sort of attraction to being the Grammy of the Empress)
If she uses her inside voice people don't always obey quickly and immediately... if it was you cuties I think I would have focused on co-operating only when you used an inside voice, so you would experience being heard without the shrieking - but that is only theory because that wasn't one of my parenting challenges, ya know? (Perfect kids, etc, etc)
You are always in our prayers Ddonn, xoxoxox
Right behind George ;-}