Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Uh-Oh here we go!

Today Mellow and I met the kids in the front yard when they got home. The girls went in to get an ice pop and My Extra Kid followed. Then My Extra Kid's Mom let me know that George had a meltdown after school. George told me yesterday that her teacher has chance cards and you put your name on the card, she puts them into a container, and draws one out. Yesterday her name did not get pulled, today her name did not get pulled and she was totally not having it.

I don't know the full story but it appears she mostly held it together in class but once she saw My Extra Kid's Mom she lost it and truly expected her to let Mrs. Church know that it was her turn to win a prize. Of course My Extra Kid's Mom did do that (thankfully) and Mrs. Church let her know if the crying continued George wouldn't be able to participate, I'm tempted to ask her if George can sit out tomorrow so she can be happier for the child who does get their name drawn!

Little Miss #3 is still throwing me curve balls, I've never had problems with a kid in class before!


Linda said...

ah, motherhood!

Heidi said...

curve balls are what makes life interesting :)

Kathy said...