Monday, August 30, 2010

Part 2

More pictures from today - I asked Fred if she wanted her picture taken with her teacher and she shuddered and said NO like I was asking if she wanted to go naked tomorrow. My Extra Kid considered the question for .5 seconds and also declined. Jr and George were both very much interested in a picture and George also wanted one with her "boyfriend", who sadly didn't play with her all day long. I explained he does have other friends and she pouted that she only wants to play with him and no one else. She did seem to be good for her teacher and I can only hope that continues.

They all had a great day and are excited to go back tomorrow. George ate next to nothing at lunch and was a delight once she got home because of that. I put tomorrow's lunch in easier to open containers with high hopes that she will eat more. A Handi-snack and applesauce cup just don't cut it!


Karen Valinda said...

more awesome pictures!!! you coulda snuck a shot of Fred's teacher for inquiring minds ;-Þ
And I could take a picture of my one kid, eh?
I love to see them all looking so happy xoxoxox

Linda said...

I think I'm going to go on the "George" diet. Just think how thin I would be reallllly fast!