Tuesday, August 31, 2010

For the Record

I don't like spaghetti straps.
Meringue bunch skirts take TONS of fabric.
I do like how this dress turned out.

This is dress #2 for The Event on Saturday. The gap between the bottom of the jacket and the dress waist will be filled with a sash/bow, it won't look random. The pieces from the original dress are the whole jacket, the invisible zipper, and the lace that will make up the front side of the sash, unless Kathy changes her mind after seeing these ;). I will be sure to take pictures of the real princess on Saturday, or at least steal Kathy's. Jr. thinks this dress is fabulous, sadly I've made no promises on recreating it. Then again ... maybe for her Christmas dress?


Kathy said...

The Kafra will love this dress SO much! Thank-you for answering all my dumb questions since I know nothing about sewing. It is truly amazing. Wahoo!

Karen Valinda said...

This is beyond amazing!!!
the most awesome dress EVER
congratulations Ddonn