Sunday, August 29, 2010

To Whom It May Concern

3 years ago when Jr. went to Kindergarten Teacher Barbie had a questionnaire to fill out, the last question was something to the effect of what should I know about your kid and there were 3 lines supplied on the paper. I wrote her a whole big ole' email instead, it's amazing she liked me :) I love my girls and this is what I would tell their teachers this year about them.

Dear Ms. Repeat,
I'm sending you my Little Lovie, she is very different from Fred, who you had 2 years ago. She is sweet and kind with the most loving heart that gets squashed in a moments notice. She is happy and bright and loves to help out. She also loves to point out when her classmates need to be reprimanded and often times they retaliate and she can't figure out why. Jr. does well in all subjects but isn't as eager to read or write as Fred was. She loves personal attention and compliments, give her both and you will have her undying devotion and will do what ever you ask. Jr. is so excited to be learning cursive and multiplication that I hope they live up to her standards! We had a great time in your classroom 2 years ago and are ready for more of the same this year!

Dear Mrs. Church,
I'm sorry. Tomorrow I send you my spoiled rotten baby Georgie. The whole world doesn't revolve around her because, she is the whole world. For the last 6 years (almost) she has lived a certain lifestyle that rarely required her to step out of her comfort zone and made few demands on her. We've tried to treat her like the other 2, it was just a lot harder than you'd think. As a result of her lifestyle her... words often come out in an ear piercing scream. I know you don't think this will be a problem, I really hope you're right. George is a very picky eater and strong smells tend to send her running for a toilet. I will do my best to make sure she eats breakfast but if she doesn't eat much lunch you'll know it by 2 pm. George is a very determined girl who likes to have friends and socialize with them, having a good time and looking good are very high on her priority list. I will be near my cell phone all day, every day and I will do whatever you need me to do to help out.

Dear Mrs. Buffalo,
We're not discussing the fact that you're a 5th grade teacher, I'm in mounds of denial. Fred is my brilliant, moody, reader, writer, Drama Queen. Hopefully the moody part will be old hat because you've taught people her age before. Please give her extra work or extra jobs to keep her busy, she needs them. Fred is a very dedicated worker and will stick with a job until she gets bored of it then she will do with it what she wants and explain to you in great detail that this is what you asked her to do, you just don't know it. She loves to read and write and is very excited about all those "big" projects every month. She hopes she will get to build things and color things and glue things and create to her hearts content. I'm sure you will make her last year in elementary school wonderful, thank you, and feel free to call me whenever you need help this 5th grade mommy is still in the game.

Tomorrow morning at 9:20 I will be at breakfast with my friends and the monkey's will be in the care of their teachers - do hear that? Or is it just me that can hear the angels singing the Hallelujah choir - either way it's music to my ears!


An Wanna said...

I would love to tell you Fred will co-operate better soon but when I was sorting stuff I found a paper I wrote senior year with my teacher's comments on it "What am I going to do with you? Funny and creative but not really on the point" and "I have to say I have really enjoyed you - Even if you drive me to frustration at times!" And in my defense they asked me to write a paper about my future & what challenges it could have and I wrote about the challenges I will face as dictator of the Universe which is totally on topic! So umm yeah I was still doing that at 17 so I doubt Fred will grow out of it soon. Sorry...

Karen Valinda said...

That IS the Hallelujah Chorus! Good using your ears Ddonn! It began before you woke as I left to drive JE to his first day of his last year of public school... go figure!
If they complain, let Repeat, Church and Buffalo know that you Could give their email/phone # and/or the notes they send home to your mom THEN they'd be sorry - so they'd best be NICE to my squirrels
- and everyone lives
to enjoy another day
I know how to scan and email, them notes would be a nothing deal to get back in on time

Kathy said...

So, did you type the line about trying to treat her like the other two WITHOUT laughing? :)

Safire said...

Lucky girl going out to breakfast. Maybe in 3 years I can do that. :)

Hillary said...

Hooray for you! Sarah goes to preschool twice a week starting next week. I don't know who is more excited - me or her?