Saturday, August 28, 2010


As I mentioned before George will be taking her lunch to school, today she and I went and bought things just for her to have in her lunch box. They will be labeled so they don't accidentally get eaten by unaware people *cough - ElCid - cough*.

I've never taken a good look at what I could pack for lunch at the same cost of school lunch, it's quite a bit! More than George would ever eat for lunch at home. She could have a Smuckers frozen sandwich, pudding cup, applesauce cup, and a Handi-snack with a kool-aid drop in (for her water bottle) for less than $1.40 a day.

I won't be buying her frozen sandwiches every week (it was a first week of school splurge and she knows it) so when she takes fresh fruit and regular sandwiches my costs go down to about $.90 a day. Jr. likes to take lunch a few times a week, especially on Thursdays, they have gross foods on Thursdays. Fred is very much against packing a lunch.

It's nice to know that when they do bring a lunch they can take all kinds of things and still stay under the cost of school lunch, $1.75


Safire said...

Lucky, lunch is $2.50 here.

Karen Valinda said...

I hate firefox

comment eaten

screens frozen

too much grief for an old lady

great getting fun nutritious lunches for George!

No, really, I HATE Firefox

An Wanna said...

FYI - no one make her use firefox. Anyway I am glad 2 of your kids like taking a lunch. I imagine anything you put in their lunch is way healthier than whatever the school tries to feed them.

Susan said...

LOL. I am adult and I still take my lunch because it is cheaper than the adult cafeteria.

Yeah for healthy eating!