Friday, August 27, 2010

Open House

Tonight was Open House at school and the Principal didn't remember to give me time to talk to all the parents in the MP room ... I should take her a present on Monday.

I have to admit it's not my least favorite part of being PTSO President, working on our Tax Exempt paper work is, but it's on the list. Facing 200+ parents who don't really care and can't hardly hear you because of the noise the 250+ kids are making can be nerve wracking and I always forget to introduce one of my board members (Hi Jen!), can't pronounce the name of another (Sorry Rosa!) and generally feel like I babbled like an idiot when it's all over with.

This year I made it to all 3 classrooms and am super excited for the girls on Monday. Aaahhhhh Monday ... doesn't that sound just wonderful? I don't think I've looked forward to a Monday so much in years! Like nearly 9 years, Jr. was released from the hospital on a Monday but I didn't know it was going to happen so it probably can't count. Anyhow Monday is lingering like Birthdays and Christmas all rolled into one.

Fred loves all the comments she gets from past teachers about how tall she is and how grown up she's looking. She's loving that I'm having such a hard time with her last year in elementary school. The fact that in one year she will do to school with 14 year old boys doesn't bother her one bit.

Jr is ecstatic that once again she has a pretty blond teacher, it's her 4th in a row. She also has several friends in her class and can't wait to learn cursive. Yes, my kids are a little strange and I like them that way :) She saw her seat and inspected her desk and sat next to me at the kitchen table until I filled out all her paperwork to take back on Monday. I also filled out the paper for her to be given the Magic Test first thing next week and I'm going to give myself an ulcer before I get the results.

George is sure she's ready to be a first grader and I'm sure the teacher is going to curse my name at least once in the first week of school. I still have to tell George to use her words at least four times a day and she was playing her shy and meek game with the teacher earlier today only confirming my fears that I've spoiled her quite soundly over the last 6 years. She is excited to take her lunch, she might try pizza day, maybe, after she's 6, and only if it's cheese not pepperoni ... We're going shopping, just the two of us tomorrow for good lunch foods.

George and Jr both have their outfits picked out but Fred isn't sure. I guess she needs to go through her wardrobe 3 more times before she decides. *sigh* I have entered those years of my life.


Karen Valinda said...

Back to School night - and you survived! Congratulations! AND you made it to all their classes, I started dragging your dad to be the spare body early, knew my limits :-Þ
Everest is getting closer ;-}
I feel pictures in the near future, SO looking forward to Monday.
Oh yes, my baby DOES begin his Senior year Monday,and I THINK he has his clothes for the first two days picked out... kilt the second day comes back to my fading memory.
I love my squirrels!

Safire said...

What's the Magic Test?

And Yay for open houses!