Monday, August 23, 2010


Since I have nothing better to post I figured I'd unload my memory cards here.

It rained a week or so ago and since rain is such a special occasion the girls took the chance to get out and play. It came down pretty good for 5 minutes.

It made for good pictures of the mountains

I've been working on Kafra's Baptism dresses, yes dresses there will be two.

Kathy's birthday lunch, shame I got cut out of the picture... I coaxed her into posing with some fun toys at TaiPan, she finally took me to see what it's all about - tons of fun, too bad I don't have any money :(

Kathy and her cute drink, aren't you supposed to take pictures of things like that?

I've been working on getting the adhesive off the floor today it looks good but it will be a huge job! This is after/before

-And that's about all from here-
But wait! There's more! Dumb Dog won't walk on the clean floor - LOL.
When I call him he walks around the edges but shies away from the middle.
He is randomly entertaining, I do have to admit that.


Kathy said...

I specifically remember you not being cut out of the picture, you nerd!

An Wanna said...

Quick clean the whole floor! Just leave that patch where the step stool is dirty and then dumb dog will be stuck!

Karen Valinda said...

Poor Mellow! He is trying to guard you from slippery (non adhesive) surfaces to keep you safe ! ! !
That was a great rain shower, you were so sweet to schedule it during my visit ;-}

Super Happy Girl said...

That dress is darling. So is the model.
After all that work and effort looks like everyone will be enjoying the new kitchen floor, to include the dog ;)