Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dress # 2 - part two

Dress #2 will double as a flower girl dress on Sept. 10th. The bride requested "blush" be the color of the jacket and sash for the wedding and lucky for me JoAnn had a perfect match for the color! Here are the officially done pictures of both versions of the dress.

I'm happy to have it all done and now I can spend the next two days cleaning my house (don't laugh, that's not nice!), I have official orders to start on next week.

Doesn't the sash fill in the random gap quite nicely?

In other happy news my serger is back! It took nearly a month for the wonderful fix-it shop to find the right belt to make the odd whomping sound near the wheel stop. Now I can return my MIL's (thanks a million) machine so she can start on Christmas projects ;)

George had a better day today, she apologized to her teacher and took the threat of being left out of the drawing all together very seriously.

Jr is on the verge of successfully convincing me she needs a dress like this for Christmas, imagine it in the same white with a sparkly blue long sleeved shrug ... Fred in a white bubble skirt and a fitted sparkly blue top and George in a sparkly blue bodice and over skirt with a white bubble under skirt ... Jr. might just get her wish!


Kathy said...

I am also in LOVE with the blush version! Yay. I love being fourth in line for these things, because I really think Kafra's is the best so far. Oh wait, we did pick out what we wanted...what can I say, my daughter has awesome taste.
But without you, it would have been a pipe dream. Yes! I am so giving you a shout out on my blog (once my daughter is the model, of course).

Kathy said...

Oh and I think they would make gorgeous Christmas dresses.

Karen Valinda said...

I think the days alone are getting to you already!!! Yesterday's post gave me NO hint that today's would include color schemes for 3 more bubble skirted dresses!!!
It is absolutely beautiful and the sash does everything to create a whole 'new' dress

Heidi said...


Linda said...

That is absolutely gorgeous. Watch out're about to be upstaged! :-) (Seriously it took me a while to figure out the whole wedding, etc. So slow!)

Hillary said...

Love love love it. Everything is PERFECT!!!