Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back to School

I plan on waking the girls up tomorrow at 8 am. It might not sound early but it will be for my little lazy bones that have enjoyed sleeping until 10. As you can see, they have 14 days until summer is over so this week it's up at 8 and next week it's up at 7:30.

We have PTSO things to get done this week and *surprise* I got a letter in the mail yesterday letting me know I have jury duty on Wednesday - ARGH!! If you want to reschedule you have to let them know 5 business days in advance. I think it's rather suspicious that I received the card 2 business days before hand!

School shopping went well, Fred is a size 0. She thinks it's amusing, I think it's EXPENSIVE. A jr size 0 has the same waist band as a kid size 14 but the 0 is longer and she doesn't need the width of a 16 which is as long as a 0 so size 0 it is. She has several pants and shirts and I'm going to have to start hunting up good sales and clearance because jr sizes cost double for somethings!

Jr and George each got one new outfit which was one more than they needed, but they were looking sad that Fred was getting everything! They all got new shoes, and the list of stuff for school.

ElCid is helping me with the Tax Exempt thing for school so I ought to go and look interested. :p


Kathy said...

I am glad you overcame your aversion to Fred growing up so you didn't saddle her with size 16 clothes. Those type of clothes were not made for Fred's body type. Remember, she is going to want to shave her legs before next school year, and it is ok!

Safire said...

School time is exciting! Have fun with jury duty.

Karen Valinda said...

I love Aunt Kathy ;-}
I wonder whose evil mother did the "get up early to be ready for school to start" thing when she was little? Called it 'starting school schedule' if I remember correctly...
I was going to start next week but I showed JE your post and it will be 7 this week and 6:30 next cause it will need to be 6 for real :-o
Minor detail that I woke him at 6:55 this morning so I could drop him for registration on my way to taking Brent to work...NO he does not get to sleep in the extra 5 min tomorrow, nice try!
I am excited for Fred! She will look amazing, Jr and George will be amazing and YOU will be Alone.
I was 38 and pregnant before I had 4 months of Alone. The Real Alone didn't happen until I was 44 and your little twit brother was in first grade. And NOW he is a Senior (and I am 56)