Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Drive Carefully, Come Back Soon

The girls have watched Race to Witch Mountain several times on Netflix and I have seen nearly all of it, I did catch for the first time yesterday that the reporter called herself Natalie Gann and as I whipped around I noticed the actress looked like the girl who played Natty Gann, and guess what! It was! I think it's fun when Disney does things like that. In the movie there is a sign that says Drive Carefully, Come Back Soon.

The girls wanted to know if there really was a sign like that and if so where was it? I told them there is and today we went down to the outlet mall on that end of the strip (where I bought three pairs of Twinkle Toes, think LA Gear kind of coolness) and on the way back we stopped and saw the sign. None of them were impressed with the "front" of the sign and happily followed me around to the side they actually wanted to see. I got several funny looks from the tourists and a few came around to see what we were taking pictures of and weren't sure about us.

George took no time finding a rock to model on once the important pictures were taken and I insisted we also take a picture of the front, they weren't sure why but they humored me.

It's the first picture we have of any of them by the sign, I never think about the fact that they really don't know where we live, and I'm totally good with that.

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Kathy said...

I love that they have no idea that people spend lots of money to get to and in their hometown.