Saturday, August 14, 2010

Guest Blogger - George

Tonight I worked with my Dad.

We fixed his car.

We took out pieces.

I had enough paper towels to fill up the rolly thing.

Mellow kept coming in to see us. I took him out.

The car kept spilling oil and cool thing. Daddy kept cleaning it up.

There was a washer that you could look through.

There were bolts with numbers they had nines on them.

I loved working with my Dad, he was counting on me.


Kathy said...

Good job George! What a fun helper you are.

Karen Valinda said...

Awesome George! Daddy is very blessed to have such a good helper.
Uncle Brent and little Uncle Jon could use your help with Brent's car. Maybe you and Daddy could come work on the Kharmanghia SP?

Super Happy Girl said...

I want to give this post a thumbs up.