Saturday, July 31, 2010

Time to Bake a Cake

George and I made cake today for the same little girl I made the Titanic inspired dress for. Her baptism is tomorrow and I made her sister's cake 2 years ago so I volunteered to make hers as well. George was determined to help out and loved every minute of it. She's also read enough food blogs with me that she knew it was important to document all the steps. She took half the pictures herself. Like this one here, I'm holding half the top layer.

Making frosting - "We need pictures of all the tools"

How to fill and layer a cake - split cake, build a dam

scoop out jam, taste jam, (wash hands) and top with another layer, repeat as needed.

George loved washing the mixing bowl after each frosting flavor. Each layer is different the top is white chocolate with raspberry filling, the middle is red velvet with cream cheese (she knew it was the same frosting we use for the banana cupcakes we make for Teacher Barbie), and the bottom is chocolate mint chocolate chip with milk chocolate ganache. The birthday girl loves chocolate. I'm not sure how she feels about cream cheese or mint chocolate, I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

George insisted we put an apron on Mellow just in case something spilled on him. Nothing spilled on him but it took me several hours to convince her he could take it off.

My little helpers when the cake was finally done

Oh yeah...and the cake. The layers are 4, 5 and 8 inches. Hopefully I made enough!


Karen Valinda said...

Very nice! Not sure if I would hire Mellow but George has a great future ;-} xoxoxox

Kathy said...

Awesome! I love it, for sure.

Zanne said...


Hillary said...

Beautiful. I need to help you next time so I can learn how to make your amazing cakes!

Motel Davis said...

You are amazing! Now I'm going to need cake lessons too!

Heidi said...

You and George do amazing work!!! Hey where is the picture of you sleeping? Don't you get to sleep too :)

Susan said...

Wow! Valinda you just so talented. Any chance I can get the recipe? Also what kind of frosting did you use? It looks like Fondant. Heck you could get into the wedding cake business at this rate.


Super Happy Girl said...

Way cool. That George is such a cutie.
I love Mellow's apron ;)