Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Adding up

The show opens next week and we have lots of small projects left but it seems major construction is nearing completion. I added up all the dresses last night and I've done 7 matching baseball uniforms, 1 baseball uniform that is slightly different, 6 housewife dresses, 1 maroon, 1 pink/green, 1 blues & greens and 1 light blue/white. If you can add in your head that's 18. I've worked on 2 corsets (I accidentally sewed a set of panels of it upside down but that's another story), a robe, a pair of shorts that need to be bigger, and I'm not sure what else but there's more.

It's been a busy few months and as always I'll be very happy when it's all over. The girls will be happy too, the money I make is going to buy school supplies and clothes, ElCid will be happy too I'm pretty sure he'd like to see a little more of our kitchen counters. I reassure him they are still there he just needs to have more faith. :)

The Camp slide show is nearly done and once I've finished it I will put it here, it's going to be great!


Kathy said...

I love the light at the end of the tunnel. Where's mine?

Karen Valinda said...

It sounds great! I will poke around and see if the counters are Really still there - it will give me hope that mine are too ;-} Yours don't have JE Amish starter on 'em tho'... that May be in your favor ;-Þ
See ya in a minute - OK, 3 hours

Safire said...

Oh...almost done! Then can we talk about our ren faire clothes? :)