Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom

This post is for my mom, who hasn't updated her blog in a week, she complained that I haven't updated my blog in 2 days. She is getting quite on in years, so for her birthday I decided to blog just for her, the rest of you may enjoy this super exciting post as well.

Saturday - Helped ElCid prep for an Elders Quorum Activity (he's the new Pres. in case you didn't know) went to the activity, nearly died of heat stroke at said activity. In between the prepping and the dehydration I sewed something fun for a sweet girl I know who turned 8 on Sunday. She LOVES Titanic and everything dramatic so I made her a dress inspired by Rose's "Jump Dress".

Sunday - Church, had to go get the check book to pay tithing so I missed Sunday School, made it through RS by hiding in the back corner. Home Teachers scheduled for middle of nap time - thanks ElCid. He made dinner to make up for that...mac & cheese, the "real" kind (in the blue box) because there were only 2 packages of easy mac.

Today - Did a few chores, went to work, came home made dinner, did a few things, picked up Kathy & kids from airport (they went to see Hil in SF), hung out, took Kafra's measurements for her 3 dresses I need to work on (dunking dress, confirmation dress & Frog Princess for Halloween), hung out until Dumb Dog was on the verge of sending Kafra into an asthma attack, they made the long trek home but not before she got to dress up in Jr's dance costume, worked on YW Camp slide show, and now we're here.

I really am, really boring, I'll stay really boring all week long too...that's the plan at least


Karen Valinda said...

Your silly post question always causes me to pause and second guess myself ~the WHOLE class bit~ iz scary
As to me not posting in a week~ My computer has been gone for over a month and I have to use Brent's when he is at work OR use Moga's lap top and my fingers hit and miss on that (this) silly keyboard until I am beyond myself (frustrated)

However, my MOM is "quite on in years" *73* whilst I am just "old" at *56*
Regardless, thank you for the marvelous post of busy familiness.
! ! ! a week and a day ! ! !
wv: ingervi - the next generation of geritol ;-}

Motel Davis said...

I love your countdown at the top of your blog! Hilarious! I need to pick your brain...or really just beg for help. I really REALLY want to make the black and white striped dress from Sleepy Hollow (towards the end of the movie) and I was wondering if you've ever seen a pattern for such a thing. I have one that's close...but not quite. I do well with patterns, and even with improvising patterns...I think I'm just intimidated because the last dress I made this big didn't turn out like I wanted (and I didn't have a pattern). Let me know if you have any words of advice....??

Kathy said...

Such adorable girls.