Friday, July 23, 2010


The weather has been crazy. I haven't had the best sleeping habits the last two weeks and today I woke up with a mild headache that escalated into a mega headache by mid afternoon. Accompanied by a runny nose and a pointless cough I have been pretty useless today.

I managed to feed people real lunch and dinner and I bought zippers and thread for show dresses and fabric for Jr. & George. I left my coupons at home when I went to JoAnn this morning so I wouldn't be tempted to buy anything but when I was there I saw the super cute owl corduroy that I didn't buy quite enough of last year to make a dress for George.
I also saw another corduroy print that would be perfect for a jumper for Jr. I didn't get them then but when I went back out later for water I caved in and bought the fabrics. They will be great for late October and November when we can pretend it's cold here.

Jr. saw a new chore chart online that she wants me to make for them, the current one is "too boring to actually use." Nice, thank you child of mine! I bought the marbles and and magnets and I'm going to convert the magnetic white board they no longer use at the end of the hall way into a similar design, if/when it's complete I'll put up pictures. Maybe this is a project my mom and I can work on while she's here, she LOVES to be involved in my projects.
I'll eventually put up pictures of camp too. I have loads of them and I'm responsible for a slideshow on Aug. 3rd so I have to get them off my camera card really quick here!


Karen Valinda said...

If there is an official piece of cardboard or paper with "Projects for Grammy" on it taped to a wall or door, I will Have to do it while I am there,
won't I? ;-}
You guys only 'hated' the chore charts, never called 'em boring...

Super Happy Girl said...

Well, chores ARE funner when the chore chart looks cute.