Monday, June 7, 2010

Written by Fred

Fred's teacher was always telling me what an amazing writer Fred is. I always smiled and nodded and said Thank You (Hi Juice!). I told ElCid about the things Fred's teacher would share with me but he never got the chance to see them for himself. I assured him they would come home at the end of the year in her portfolio but they didn't! When I went in to ask Ms. if she knew where they went, yes she sure did, they were at her house. She loved them so much she wanted to keep them. I had no problem with that, I asked for a copy and today they arrived in our mailbox. There are 2 others that Fred says are missing so if they ever come I'll put them up. I typed them in and any spelling errors or creative punctuation is the writers own work.

Red is the fire in ones eyes. The flame of the weeping willow's cry.
Red is the cherry blood that pumps throughout your body.
Red is the howling coyote's fur sending a message through the wind. It says "hello".
Red is the glowing ruby eyes reflecting on the ripest apple in the orchard.
Red is all these things, but most of all red is love.


Orange is the radiant sun glistening with warmth.
Orange is the flowing lava creating ash and rock.
Orange is the flame of envy building inside you.
Orange is the tangy taste of an orange melting in my mouth.

Black & White

All men are created equal
It's not a piece of rocket science
All men should get a piece of the world
It's plain to see
All men should be treated equal
No names and no fights
All men are created equal
Even blacks and whites.

This is my world too
You see
This is my world too
You and me.
We all are equal indeed
From the tiniest hair to the long feet.
We all need care
No matter where
This is my world too.

Many, many people are prejudice.
Yes you can to.
Prejudice, prejudice
Not being able to see whats right.
Many people are open minded
Yes you can to.
Opening their hearts to me and you.

Great times
we are all here
Backs and whites together
Living in peace and perfectness
Great things.

We can be one
We can be whole
Even the tiniest mole
We can be right
So hold on tight
We will fight
Thats right.

Black is not black
white is not white
Getting together is all right
Black is not black
White is not white
This world is just right.

Black and white
Brown and Cream
Everyone is different
Black and White
Brown and cream
Everyone is here to make a difference.


An Wanna said...

I LOVE the red poem & not just cuz red is my favorite color.

Karen Valinda said...

Uncle Brent and I love the poems!!!
He liked Orange best, I think I have to go with Red although I loved Orange ;-}

Kathy said...

I am guessing "no names and no fights" does not apply to younger sisters?

Fred, I love your poetry. Amazing!

Linda said...

Fred, you are good! Thanks for sharing those great poems!

Super Happy Girl said...

Are you kidding me?! Those are awesome!
I can't decide which one I love bestest: Red, orange, b&w and the

Good job Fred :)