Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Willy Wonka! Willy Wonka!

Tonight was the preveiw night for Willy Wonka out at Spring Mountain Ranch and it was a lot of fun! As always I was sewing madly on my way out the door and forgot my jar of peanut butter to donate to a local food bank. The ticket people change every year so I disappoint a new group of old people every year. :)

These are the awesome cell phone pics I got of the girls and their favorite cast members.

George really wanted to meet the Chocolate Factory Man, she watched his coat go together, I think it was one of her favorite pieces on this show.
She also wanted to meet this particular Oompa Lumpa. The one with 2 ponies, no other Oompa Lumpa would do!
All three of them envied Veruca's pink polka dot dress (I made it) so they wanted a picture with her. George said on the way out of the parking lot that she could be Veruca too because she is my spoiled baby girl. I laughed and had to agree.

Violet was Micheal in Peter Pan and the girls wanted to see her again, Jr. really wants me to make a softie track suit for her like the one I made for Violet.

Charlie was so cute and all 3 girls loved being in on the "secret" that he's really a girl!
Shh! Don't tell them that nobody was fooled.

While making costumes is often hard, head aching work when it all comes together it is so worth ...most of it! Tonight when the Candy Man flipped his switches and made his shirt light up (of course that makes little sense and you'd have to see it to understand but it's very cool) and the whole audience practically in unison gasped in awe it was a very gratifying moment for me, because I made that happen. (With brainstorming help from Sandra and a concept picture by ... a guy) Which is why I will be starting work on Damn Yankees in a week and a half. :) Sadly there will be no light up costumes but there will be some totally rad dresses!!


Karen Valinda said...

amazing...where is the shirt lighting up picture Ddonn? I missed it (I am Sure you took a picture of the prototype testing at least!)

Safire said...

Looks amazing! You are very talented! :)

Super Happy Girl said...

You are awesome! Wow, way cool.

The Oompa Lumpa should be happy to look way way better than the original ones ;)