Saturday, June 5, 2010

Unloading my Camera Card

Pictures of all the fun we've had in the past few weeks!

At the CBC Social with Safire.
It was so great to hang out with her again. She brings her kids to Utah every year to visit her parents and I really think we're going to have to take a trip north when she does!

Meeting Jessica was great! I've been working with her for 5 years and reading her blog about her crazy life for ... a long time. Kathy came to the Social and we all got to hang out together!
(I borrowed these pictures from Jessica)

I borrowed this one from April, maybe I should have taken that class on Photoshop so I didn't look like I'd been driving in the car for 7 hours...with 3 kids (and ElCid).

Me, Jessica, Amber, April and Lolli

Kathy and her cool smoothie, it was perfect that she was able to stay in SLC to meet up with Safire and me for lunch on Saturday.

I took a class from Lolli on how to use my camera
and a class from April Showers on tweaking my blog design.

I also took a classes on being organized and one about digital scrapbook software, Memory Mixers. The organizational one was stuff I already know (very Sidetracked Home Executives style) but don't implement very well. It was nice to hear that 20 other blogger moms have similar problems to mine! The Memory Mixer software looks great and I bought the program but there was a disk mix up and once I get the right one in the mail I'll let you know how I like it for real.

ElCid took the girls around SLC while I was busy at the CBC.

George & Butterfly!
George has been seeing Butterfly on the computer for 3? years and was very excited to play with her for real. It was awesome fun to watch my kids play with Juice's kids, his boys are so cute! Butterfly will go to Kindergarten this fall she is 8 months younger than George. Both Juice and Safire are about 8 inches taller than I am!

George and Butterfly became great friends which made me very happy!
Juice was one of my best friends at BYU.

At the Provo Temple

Playing with Boo Bear, MyZanne's baby.
He is so TOTALLY adorable, I really wanted to bring him home with me!!

I didn't get to hang out with MyZanne nearly enough,
I will have to get back to Provo before too long!

Swimming at Bubba & Kafra's pool -
probably for the last time :( their fancy new house won't have a pool.

Kindergarten Graduation.
We LOVE Teacher Barbie!! I think she will remain an all time favorite of ours.

George and her Boyfriend.
Update - I just found out they will be in the same class next year!

Last Day of School!!
Thanks to Teacher Barbie, ColtFan, and Ms. (who I somehow didn't get a picture of) for a fantastic year!


Karen Valinda said...

beautiful pictures! I think the girls had a wonderful mini vacation also, good job winning best vacation planner Ddonn ;-}

An Wanna said...

Well that makes sense now, I was wondering why Aunt Kathy went to the conference since I don't think she is big into blogging...

I love Fred's hair in the last pic.

A Kinder Teacher said...

Great pictures!

Super Happy Girl said...

I'll have one those smoothies Kathy is having. Make that two.
I love when kids make BFF! How cute is that? Holding hands and everything.
Fred's hair (last picture) looks awesome.

Yay for lots of pictures!

RO3 said...

I want your skills!!! Do teach me.