Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Last Day of School - sigh - Our Summer Plans - : ) - Thoughts for next school year

I love my kids I really do but keeping the three of them entertained and busy for 90 long hot sticky summer days is enough to make me cry. There are a million things for them to do and I really don't want them parked in front of the TV/Wii/DS but convincing them to do those millions of other things is often hard. I made each of them a calendar with the things we'll be doing over the summer listed, they each have a chart to go with their workbooks I bought them and they each set a reading goal as well. I'm going to take them to the library to sign up for the summer reading program and hopefully that will also inspire them to keep busy and play nice!

I really start working on Sandra's summer projects, Willy Wonka and Damn Yankees tomorrow at 2 and we'll be spending some time each week at her house. There will be a yard for them to play in and friends to play with and hopefully everyone gets along!

One day each week I'm going to try to plan something fun for us to do, they still haven't ridden on the double decker bus and they are still very determined to do it! We'll probably fit in a trip to see the fish and the Statue Show at The Forum Shops and I'd like to take them to see the Bellagio fountain show again, maybe George will like it this time, maybe. They are begging to go camping so I'm going to have ElCid look into places to camp on Mt. Charleston and we might try that for a few days. My Extra Kid and his parents will be spending time at Big Bear this summer and we've been invited to come up and stay with them for a few days.

As for teachers for next year we have for first grade - My Extra Kid's First Grade teacher, who he loved and she is really great. We got Fred's 3rd grade teacher for Jr. and I'm having mixed feelings. She was wonderful for Fred and it's actually who Jr. wanted because she is pretty and has yellow hair and all her teachers have been pretty with yellow hair so far, no really. I just had an awful time following my brother through school and I know it wasn't Nan's favorite thing to follow me and this is my girl's first repeat teacher. I pretty much know what to expect and I'm very fine with all that. For 5th we got ... hmmm ... I'm not sure what to call her. She moved from Upstate New York a few years ago and her husband is a very funny guy and he helps out at Breakfast with Santa every year ;). She is very nice and I actually would have been fine with any of the current 5th grade teachers, they are all really great. I am however in very deep denial that Fred is really in the 5th grade. I'm SO not ready for middle school. It's also hard for me that Jr. is a third grader, she'll be learning cursive???? My Little Lovie can't be that old. The fact the George is in 1st makes me smile. She will love it, I will love running errands and working without feeling guilty that she is being ignored. I just worry about her actually eating enough at lunch everyday to keep her going through the afternoon and not getting grouchy and crying because she is hungry. My sweet little girls, all grown up and in all day school :)


Safire said...

Sounds like a very fun summer ahead of you! I'm excited to hear your weekly outings. And how do you know your kids' teachers? We don't know until the week before school starts.

Super Happy Girl said...

I love all the summer plans! And there's so much to do over there, awesome.

I can't believe Fred is starting 5th grade. She was but a little baby a few years ago :)

Karen Valinda said...

I'm with Safire, we never knew who your teachers would be until they were posted on the front doors of the school a week before school started! Tony always had it good following me, until they realized that he Wasn't "me". Only once did I follow him, I had his Soph English teacher my senior year as Year Book advisor. Tony's life goal at the time was to be class clown and He and a couple of friends had ended their Soph year by drowning her with squirt guns as they left class :-o
First Year Book staff meeting as she read "Bailey, Karen" I said, "Yes, I AM related to Tony but I am NOTHING like him. I make straight A's and take school very seriously." We did fine.
Siblings! xoxoxox

An Wanna said...

Thanks to all the moving around I didn't really have to follow anyone in school until high school. Well I guess Buh did part of 5th grade & you did part of 4th then all of 5th grade in KS before me but I think I had a different main teacher than either of you and since we all traded around for other classes based on what math etc level we were I only remember the stupid science teacher commenting on having one of you before. And I know mom hated the math teacher in 5th grade but she didn't care about people enough to remember last names from year to year....

Heidi said...

So we think you guys need to come have another Arizona vacation, with LOTS of swimming :)