Monday, June 21, 2010

Stuff I found - Not the ipod :(

In all my cleaning and throwing away and re organizing I found some pretty fun stuff like this -

I was so bald! Now you know why I was happy to have kids with hair. :)

I searched all over for this picture when I was counting down to my birthday 2 years ago and it was in a big box of photos in the garage, which ElCid now claims for making the clown car fly :/.

I cleaned a lot of things and a lot of places and found stacks of cute pictures, they need to go in an album, a million things to throw away, I think I had ElCid haul 9 bags out to the curb by the end. We still have a large mound to be shredded one night at ElCid's work. Our shredder just isn't up to the task, it gets hot and stops working after 15 min. of continuous use.

I still can't find my ipod, I'm so desperate there is now a reward for it's safe return!


Super Happy Girl said...

Sorry about the iPod. My mom always says that things don't get lost inside of homes, just 'misplaced.' Yeah, like my favorite brush that I can never ever find ever again forever.

Aww, cute baby pic :)

Karen Valinda said...

too bad I am reading your posts in reverse! I would have driven down to win the dollar for finding the iPod!