Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Safe at Last!

The precious is lost no more! I went digging down the side of the green couch on Monday even though I had asked ElCid to check there in one of my searches and Ta-Da!!!! It was there! So were lots of other things which is weird because people aren't supposed to play on that couch ...

In celebration I bought my precious a place to live in my bedroom. ElCid and the girls bought me a speaker/clock for my ipod that lives in the sewing room and I really wanted one in my bedroom as well so yesterday when I was at S@m's for milk and bread (and eggs, salad, breakfast sandwiches, water bottles, strawberries ...) I saw a cute little iHome that also has a dual alarm feature and I was sold! Now the precious will be safe where ever it is hanging out.

In new sad news our TV in the family room decided it was done being a TV and chose to revert to being a radio instead.(It didn't really live on the floor I just didn't take a picture until after we moved it.)

ElCid and I swapped it out for the TV that was in our bedroom. It was big for our bedroom, it's not so big in this room. The old TV filled the entire hole. It was 27".

After getting things reset this morning I went online to look at TV prices...once I was resuscitated (note to self teach kids CPR) it occurred to me that not only will I have to rob a bank to buy a new TV I know NOTHING about modern TV's. LCD, LED, Plasma??? I just want a TV!!! It was also brought to my attention that TV's are no longer sold in the big boxy format, which means I will also have to get something to put it on, and then I will have to find somewhere to put all my dusty fake food that lives on top of the entertainment center, (it's decoration) and my speakers, and my internet router, but maybe I will now be able to convince ElCid that we should just get rid of all our VHS that hide out in the bottom of the entertainment center. I have a feeling we will have a 24" TV for a very long time.

So what kind of TV do I want and how big do I really need?

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Safire said...

You can probably get a CRT (the big box kind) that still works either at the thrift store or on craig's list or something. Glad you found your ipod!

Zanne said...

Werty says that plasma screens may look flashy, but they don't last as long as LCD and LED TVs. He says the bottom line is price, find one closest to your price, because there isn't a lot of difference unless you are going to get a whole decked out home theater system to go with it. Make sure it's got the right hookups to go with your DVD player and Xbox and such, because some TVs don't have them anymore because they want to force you to buy a whole new system to go with your TV.

Super Happy Girl said...

Nothing against ElCid, but my grandma always said that if you want something done right, you better do it yourself.

Except for making pancakes because I can't.

Karen Valinda said...

Le's 10+ yr old bargain TV is doing a color change thing that includes going black momentarily at will and it looses its hold... it is the living room TV
Brent gave his to Grammy long ago
My only TV is the little 12"? one with the vcr built into the bottom that I never play tapes in because it eats them...
guess that blows our cred as sources of advice