Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'd expect this at WalMart but not from Target!

I love Target. I really do. It's clean, things are easy to find and it reminds me of the fun times I used to have spending money on myself : ) I've come to expect certain things from my favorite chain store like their evilly strict return policy, and their cute kid clothes. I did not expect what happened to me this week!

Fred has been sick, we're starting to think it's the medication she was put on so she's off it now until we can see if her stomach issues improve. I got some Pepto and some Imodium Thursday night at Target to treat the poor girl's symptoms and I only gave her the Pepto, she has problems being regular so I was nervous giving her the Imodium. Last night she was still not doing well and I was about to cave in and give her the other medication when I started looking for the dosage amount on the bottle. I couldn't find it but I did find the expiration you see it there on the bottle?

Yeah it says 07/09, as in a YEAR ago, almost. I gave Fred more Pepto and sent her to bed not trusting medicine that was a year expired! I took it back this morning and was ready for a fight because I cleaned out my purse Thursday night and no longer had the receipt. The return line was not moving for some reason, there was 1 couple in front of me, and after waiting for 3 minutes I went to go see what the other Imodium expiration dates were and oh yeah sure enough there were 3 more on the shelf that were a year old!

I collected the 3 expired medicines on the shelf and took mine back to the customer service desk where I was finally next in line. The lady apologized for the hold up, her machine wasn't working, and I asked if she could do a receipt look up with my card. She did and I was able to get my full cash refund :). I also let her know that I was returning the medicine opened because it was a year expired and actually there had been 3 more still on the shelf that were also expired. She marked mine damaged and assured me the others I brought would be marked damaged and not sold. I will totally be checking the next time I'm there!

There were 3 more that were still good but expire in 3 months. I'll also be checking to see if they get taken off the shelf on time. I'm sure children's Imodium isn't something they sell very often and I'm not sure what the side effects could be but it doesn't seem like very good business practices to have expired medicine sitting on a store shelf!

This has taught me to be sure and double check all the expiration dates on the random things I buy. It's sad when you can't even trust Target anymore :(


Super Happy Girl said...

Dang, I never ever check expiration dates when I buy meds. I guess I should :/

Karen Valinda said...

This is funny because we LIVE in WalMart land, do most of our shopping there. I think there IS one Target, by Costco in the "new" shopping center built a couple years ago.
And because we all KNOW your mom is compulsive about reading labels we just won't GO there!