Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm a Big Girl Now!

As I have mentioned before Fred isn't a little girl anymore, she is developing curves (among other things) and she is getting too tall for children's sized clothes. The last time we were in St. George, helping Kathy move, Kathy and I discussed that she really needs a junior sized suit because a kid's 14/16 is not designed for someone her size. Her height, yes, her width not so much.
Tonight we ventured out to T@rget and 0ld Navy in search of a better fitting suit.

The prices at T@rget were enough to send me for the hills but we found a set we could make work ($39 for 2 pieces - ouch!)
Since the entire 0ld Navy store is on sale for the rest of the week (30% off) we went there and found another top and two bottoms that fit without any future alteration ($27 for 3 pieces) .

We took the first bottoms back to T@rget and got my money back and now she has 2 suits that fit nicely and make her look very grown up, she likes that a lot. Yes, the suits have some padding in the top but tragically some of the padding is her, Wil I blame you!


Kathy said...

So, so, so much better! Yay, for buying appropriate swimwear.

I am sure you and ElCid are not happy with her curves, but most women would love to have more up top so she will count herself lucky later!

My WV: flate-Fred is not flate, which is partly why she needs to shop in the junior section

Linda said...

Very nice. Gotta love the two pieces. Much easier to go potty too.

Safire said...

Those are super cute. She looks so grown up in them!

Karen Valinda said...

where were the 2 piece mix and match when MY 4 girls were growing up???
Fred, you look Very Nice, I especially like the geometric design top ;-}
wv: shedrain, when Fred goes shopping shedrain the budget!

Super Happy Girl said...

I love that thumbs up picture.
Score. You girls did good :D