Friday, June 18, 2010

Another day, Another Room layout

Today Kylee and I went after the sewing room again today. (Kylee is one of the Laurels I taught at church.)

I moved the cutting table and drawers out of the old closet space and put the pattern drawer and a new shelf in the hole. The shelf will hold 8 totes of fabric.

We went through the shelves and threw away tons more useless stuff I've been hanging onto. Ugh! I've hung on to a lot of junk! The under cupboards are still empty but they will hold another 6 totes of fabric. Now I just have to find somewhere for the other 11 totes!

The cutting table placement isn't my favorite but when it's not being used it can be folded down completely and put in front of the black shelf.

The purple buckets won't hold the random items that are in them now, that stuff will be put away. They are for my current projects. Each bucket will hold a project, all the fabric, trims, zippers, snaps etc. When it's time for me to get started it will all be together.

I bought another black shelf like the one in this room and it will go in the garage, we have plenty of stuff to put on it in there! I wanted it for this room but just couldn't find the space.

The most annoying thing about all of this is that I still can't find my ipod! I've cleaned a vast majority of my house and it's still missing from Saturday! I had it when the Camp Director was at my house and then it was on my family room coffee table, I was going to put more songs on it and then it was missing! I even sent the girls to look outside to see if the dog had somehow stole it, but no Dumb Dog is safe. ElCid and I have checked all kinds of random and realistic places with no luck. Any weird places you find things?


Safire said...

I find things in the bathtub all the time. But I'm pretty sure you would notice your ipod in there.

Super Happy Girl said...

My commenting cred is suffering since the move...
Way to go! Getting your rooms organized and having your sewing room area is no small task :)

I find stuff in my jackets' pockets all the time.

Zanne said...

Um, remember when you used to put things in the freezer for "safe keeping"? :P

My neighbor's son has starting throwing stuff away in the trash, like shoes and the TV remote. At least your kids are old enough to not do that. I dunno. Good luck.

Karen Valinda said...

Jon and I love how much thread you have - and I quote - "Wow!"
It is looking great! I take it the totes are still in progress?