Monday, June 28, 2010

Getting ready for the Matey Man

Moga and Matey are coming on Wednesday night!! We are very excited for their week long visit and have been trying to get ready for a 14 month old man child that loves to play in all kinds of places.

Since I have no high chair at my house and I also got rid of my strap on high chairs years ago I was at a loss at where we would be feeding Matey.

I hoped to find one of the strap on chairs at my in-laws this weekend but had no luck. A new chair was going to more money than I'd like to spend and then I remembered a tutorial I saw months ago and marked cause it was such a fun idea. It is a fabric strap on travel high chair!

Now before Moga laughs me off this post I did a little bit of strength testing with George, she still out weighs Matey by 15 lbs and wasn't nice to the "chair". When she's leaning over sideways she isn't holding on to anything.

I had to add length to my straps because of the design of my chairs, I inserted another piece of velcroed fabric so if the chair design is more like the tutorial she won't end up with tons of extra strap. I had all the fabric and Velcro on hand and it only took about an hour to put it all together. It was really easy and now I have one less thing to worry about. :)As you can see I need to move on to cleaning the floor!


Kathy said...

Um, yeah. I wasn't going to mention the fact that your floor was hideously dirty, but since you brought it up...

Also, you should make one for me so that when my cutie nephew comes he doesn't have to eat in his Bumbo!

An Wanna said...

Don't worry about the floor. Matey will totally clean it for you. He loves to sweep & mop. And he even cleans up his messes like when he throws dirt all over from the avocado he sweeps it up. It is super helpful & doesn't make the mess bigger. Just ask him.

Karen Valinda said...

Matey likes it! We even enlarged it so he could see George in His New Chair ;-}

Safire said...

*gasp* I gotta learn me how to sew. That is totally awesome!

Super Happy Girl said...

That's a great idea!
Dang. I wish someone had given me one of those once upon a time.

Linda said...

Umh, the last time I saw the seats they were under my bed. But I LOVE the "kid-holder" you made.