Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another Floor Uncovered!

I've spent way too much time finding George's floor the last 2 days! I have 6 baseball uniform dresses to sew and projects for camp but Moga and Matey needed some where to sleep that wasn't in the middle of the family room. Since George has her own room I decided to put them there, unfortunately I needed to do some excavating before it was people ready.
This is what I've been avoiding for a few months.

You couldn't actually walk into her room, it was more of a wading kind of thing. The poor kid could never find anything in there, big shock I know, so she took to putting things she wanted to find again in her bed. She has been showing up in my bed on a regular basis the last few weeks and after digging through her bed I'm not surprised I wouldn't be able to sleep there either!
Here is what we have now.

Much better but still not perfect. She needs to get rid of a lot of stuff, that fight will have to be another day. There really is a place for everything and hopefully she will be able to find those places!

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Karen Valinda said...

Yeah making room for Moga & Matey!!!
Is he a dream OR What???
I babysat my 7 local grandchildren today for 14 hours and Matey came to visit mid day and really enjoyed himself...the 2 yr old was napping so he had no worries, every one else is old enuf to recognize he is a "baby" and we kept Matey away from the 7 mo old that might be in danger from him!
Kids are way fun and now I am home and headed to bed ;-}
karate in the morning so I won't even be home to miss missing Matey wake up :-o