Sunday, June 27, 2010

Taking a walk ...

down memory lane.

Yesterday ElCid and I spent the day in St. George with 8 of the YW from our ward. We visited and took tours of -

  • The St. George tabernacle, which is down the street from the jewelry store where ElCid bought me my ring.

  • Brigham Young's Winter home where the first professional pictures of our new family were taken, Fred was 4 months old, it was also the first family picture that Alli was in (she was adopted 2 weeks before I had Fred).

  • We had lunch at Frostop with super yummy fries and on our way out to Santa Clara we drove past the park where ElCid proposed to me. I do drive past it 4 times a month when we're in town but I was pointing it out to new people.

  • The Jacob Hamblin Home which is straight down the hill from ElCid's grandma's house and down the hill and to the left of his parent's house. We also had engagement photos taken there.

  • The St. George Visitor's center. I've never been inside but we've spent so much time outside waiting for newly married couples that I've sat on the benches next to it many times.

After the Temple the girls and other leaders headed to dinner at The Pizza Factory, where ElCid, his Mom, M, and I went after taking the engagement pictures for lunch. ElCid and I were invited but opted out so we could go and play with John and Kathy for a while, and to rescue Kathy from the monkeys, she was super nice and watched them for us all day.

While Kathy and I returned their "Green" lawnmower that broke halfway through the first use I told her I had to acknowledge the fact that while St. George isn't my favorite place and I don't want to live there I know I will eventually and I have resigned myself to that.

Even if we don't ever live there it is full of memories that I don't want to forget and I did say 11 years ago if it had a Target and a Jack in the Box (it had neither at the time) I'd consider living there, too bad I didn't know then that I'd also need a Macy's.


Karen Valinda said...

so, you need to contact Macy's and see when a St George store is planned
Sounds like you had a good visit and I am sure Kathy survived the squirrels just fine ;-}

Linda said...

When I moved here (after telling my husband I would NEVER move to St George) we had a very small Lin's grocery store and nothing else. But, it's been a great place to raise kids, several Apostles have told us that this is a special place and really, I TOTALLY love it. It'll be fun to EVENTUALLY have ya'll here!