Monday, May 24, 2010

Our Last PTSO Event - The 5th grade party

Last Friday was the big 5th grade party. The kids picked the theme of the 80's, not that I think any 5th grader knew what the 80's was when they picked it but several of them did their homework and dressed very well to the theme.

The rule for the last several years has been no 5th grade parents at the party. That rule was put in place many years ago because the board was concerned the kids would feel shy to dance in front of their parents. (and once you cram 150 kids into the MP room there isn't much space left) The PTSO has had a very hard time finding enough parents to volunteer as we also can't allow younger siblings into the party. Most of the board has small children and we try to pass them around so a maximum of members can come and help out.

Last year the kids were completely out of control, it was insane and we decided this year to let a few 5th grade parents help as long as they were actively serving food or helping with the pictures. It went a lot better and the parents that helped did a great job staying out of the way.

I did get the chance to kick several parents out. They couldn't believe that I was actually serious when I asked them to leave. The initial response was "What? Really?". When I made it clear I was serious most of them were pretty huffy. It was SO fun! I don't get to kick people out of any event besides this one and it's one of my favorite jobs. :)

My very favorite interaction went like this. It was at the beginning of the party so I first made sure the mom wasn't just a late volunteer and once it was clear that she wasn't I went up to her and asked if I could help her find some one she said "no" and continued taking pictures. I asked if she was here to help and she visibly shuddered and in a disdainful voice said "no". I told her I was very sorry but that she was going to have to leave. She let me know she wasn't finished taking pictures. I apologized again and told her she could leave the camera with her child but she could not stay. She was seriously not pleased with me spun on her heel and huffed out.

I just don't understand people who think the rules don't apply to them. If she was that determined to stay she could have volunteered to begin with. We have a person taking pictures of the kids for 50 cents a print and this year the person taking the picture was a professional. I'm sorry you don't want to miss a minute of your child growing up but if I let you stay pretty soon I'd have 300 parents and 60 younger siblings crowded into the room with the 150 kids trying to have a party.

Next year I will be the parent of a 5th grader (save me now!) and I'm pretty sure I'm already signed up to help but I highly doubt I will have even 5 minutes to watch her have fun with her friends because if I want to stay I have to work :)


Kathy said...

You are so mean making sure that the rules apply to everyone! What about helicopter mommy who can't let her child make one move without her approval?

somebody's mom ;-} said...

Maybe if I hadn't always volunteered when you were in school but just hung around, you might not be SO mean! I loved volunteering at your high school that year on the last day of school, patrolling the hallways, because neither you nor Brent cared... you didn't have to ride the bus home and I wasn't wearing a sign "Valinda's Mom" so no one knew the crazy lady was related to you ;-}
wv:eldep - would that be Johnny?