Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just for me!

I do lots of things for lots of people.

I like to do them, it's fun.

I volunteer for PTSO, I volunteer in classrooms,
I teach a lesson the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sunday of each month.

I drive to dance class, I drive to school , I drive to Activity Days, I drive to a million places taking and running and grabbing and it's tiring! I know it sounds dumb but driving all over Vegas is tiring.

I sew at least a few hours everyday and while I like my job that can certainly get old after 5 years.

I try to do things for me everyday. Somedays when all that is is 5 minutes on facebook and a shower I feel burnt out - just like all the busy mommies I know.

The conference this weekend is just for me.

I'm taking my kids out of school for a day and a half and trying not to feel guilty.

We're driving 7 hours so I can desert ElCid with the kids. (muahhahaha)

I'm leaving behind work that has got to get done, and it will, just not over this weekend.

The dumb dog is going back to visit his first home
:), he is scheduled to be picked up Monday by 4:30 :(

I feel a little bit greedy doing all this just for me but it's going to be done and I'm going to do my best to enjoy it!!


Safire said...

I think it's a great thing! Even busy moms need some time to be a person and not anything else. :) Can't wait!

Karen Valinda said...

the sad thing is that just as you finally get into the *"I really am ME and taking this break was/is a great idea"*... it will be time to return to the '5 minutes on facebook and a shower life'
SO, get there* faster and enjoy it all more ;-} ElCid does great with his girls, they love their daddy, they'll all get spoiled (even ElCid and the poofy dog) The whole world benefits when the mom gets rejuvenated! You may have your greedy moments but This in NOT one! xoxoxox
wv: kitiz - what Mallow dreams of

Katie Gubler said...

How fun! Good for you :) Hope you have the best time!!