Friday, May 14, 2010

Field Day with Georgie

I volunteered at Field Day with George's class --- here's the fun in pics! (Yes, I should have edited the school name off the shirt but there are just too many)

George and her "boyfriend". He is in the afternoon
class and she was delighted to see they matched!

It was 3 hours in the sun and I was Team Captain for 6 kids. I'm seriously worn out! Teacher Barbie goes to bed at 8pm and I can certainly see why.


Kathy said...

Georgie is so cute! All she needs is a rubber ducky to match.


Georgie needs a rubber ducky unhers hat.

Karen Valinda said...

I gave all my best comments over the phone last night ^-*
She IS a cutie AND it looks like she had lots of fun~ Go George ! ! !

An Wanna said...

how come only her grade got field day?