Monday, May 17, 2010

THE Planning Meeting

Tonight was the last PTSO meeting of the year. It is the

l - o - n - g - e - s - t

meeting of the year.

We set the budget. -
The money will be doled out differently in the future. There have been several instances this past year that have shown us loopholes in our system. The changes include - the requester must come to the meeting. If you want something from us badly enough then you can take the time to come ask for it personally. We have a meeting at 3:30 pm each month. Come and spend 10 minutes with us. :) The board will also have a chance to ask questions and get all the information. Another change, well it's not a change more of a clarification really - is that when you request money the money can only be spent on the item requested. If you ask for $500 for a bookshelf and we say yes you cannot change your mind and buy books instead. You must resubmit the request stating the you have changed your mind and want books now. We have a good deal of money to spend. We rarely ever say no to people and when we do there is a real reason for it.

We set the dates of our events -
We hold several events through out the year. Sometimes the dates are locked in - well that day there is no school, that day starts a three day weekend, so I guess we'll pick this day here! Other times there are choices to be made and getting 6 women to just pick a day is time consuming. Now I take our list in to the office and put dibs on those dates (imagine me licking a calendar) so that we are all set!

We have a few projects to get done over the summer (t-shirts, welcome packets, move our room) but they can be done in June and August, for now I am free to work on all those other things I need to get done. Like laundry and dishes and mop the floor and clean bedrooms and ungunk bathroom sinks and well you get the idea.

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Karen Valinda said...

Hooray for long meetings that are over and done with!!!
I am hoping no one else will see you lick the calendar ;-Þ
Congratulations madam chairperson ;-}