Thursday, May 6, 2010

Costuming for Kids

The show starts next Wednesday.

I have way too much to get done before then.

I have 35 little kids asking me daily what their costume looks like.

I have 35 little kids asking me daily when their costume will be done.

I have 35 little kids asking me daily why their costume isn't the first one to be finished.

I thought picky diva's were hard too work with.

I was REALLY wrong.

And to be fair it's not just the kids, it's their parents.

The ones who can't read, or follow directions, or maybe that note just didn't apply to them.

I thought it did. I guess I was also REALLY wrong.

I'm copying Jessica by writing on the wrong side of the page.

I think it's because I've had way too MUCH caffeine over the last few days.

And not enough sleep.

Or real food.

Or maybe I just want to be as cool as her because she knew the hot news anchor before he was a news anchor.

I'll bet it's that last reason.


Karen Valinda said...

so, maybe I won't trade jobs with you just yet
I get into work, access the voice mail, "your voicemail box is full" and even working at responding 6 hours straight I went back tonight for 2 hours and almost got thru all the messages that piled up while I was trying to answer the 20 that filled the voicemail box. Truthfully I answered a few tonight that were left from yesterday.
My favorites are the moms furious that they didn't receive something they didn't order, try explaining that several times a day, "yes ma'am I would be happy to scan/copy your student's form and email/mail it to you"
I squirm at the ones that demand to know Where their order is, their ck cleared the bank and I go look in the warehouse and There it is! Paid in full 2 weeks ago and NOT mailed to them...'splain that!
But MY tormentors change almost daily... some linger... and yours will be near ... for years ! :-o
Yah, I'll keep my trials xoxoxox
It's late, I'm tired, sorry
second wv:subvi

Tine said...

of COURSE the flyer didn't pertain to them... sheesh...

Linda said...

Gee Valinda. What Tine said. Will you record BAF I really want to see it but we will be out of town for a funeral. :-(