Monday, May 3, 2010

Feeling tired - Not a post for Jessica

Today was long. It started at 7:15 by some moron repeatedly ringing my doorbell to see if ElCid wanted to sell his Mustang he's going to use to make his Miata fly. It's a long story and if you want to know more he'll be very happy to tell you all about it. By the way no, he doesn't want to sell that car and at 7:15 I'm going to be VERY unhappy that you just woke us all up 15 min. early. Those 15 min are VERY important to me! The girls started off the day the same way they ended it - by shouting at each other.

When I dropped the kids off at school I also dropped off the fork, knife and spoon hats. They still need trim or something.

I spent the morning running errands but not getting much done.

After grabbing George we came home and she watched Kipper - thank you Netflix on my Wii - while I tried to get a few things done.

I finished putting handles on Madame (sorry no new picture), put a handle on my bathroom door, and made an agenda for PTSO meeting.

We dropped Madame and Cogsworth off at school ran around crazy for 10 min. and then got the meeting going. The vote happened today and *GASP* I'm President next year!

After the meeting was a few minutes of rehearsal, getting George from dance, making dinner, taking Jr to dance then I finally got a few things done only to discover that I don't have enough bias tape to finish what I want it to do. I only have 289 things to get done besides the bias tape project so I just moved on to one of those.

After fighting with people to go to bed for an hour I got back to work.

What's on the list for the rest of the week?

Tuesday - Make copies for Teacher Barbie & YW

Wednesday - Help out ColtFan, Teacher Appreciation lunch, Activity Days

Thursday - Career Day Presentation

Friday - Pastries with Parents, George's Mother Day presentation and Jr's Mother's Day Tea & Poetry Presentation

Saturday - 10 to 3 Dress Rehearsal and all the costumes possible need to be done.

The show begins next week on Wed. and if anyone wants to come do dishes, laundry or clean house you're definitely welcome to come!


Le said...

Sloane won't let me! If I leave the state now he might have me confined to our house, 10 mile radius of travel allowed...we are SO busy. First graduation is this Sat, 8 May and they run thru 3 June. Most of them fall on 27, 28 or 29 May.
I mentioned going to Elk City and had to explain it will be June ;-}
wv: ulumkwar...I think...

Safire said...

This is why dominos and paper plates were invented. :)

Karen Valinda said...

Hey! I better check before I comment, Le won't think it is funny that my comment posted under her name :-o

Dev said...

Oh man, I need those hats! (for no real reason other than.... who makes knife fork and spoon hats??? They are the greatest inventions ever!