Friday, April 30, 2010

One less thing to do twice a week ...

Yes, that really is my awful attitude toward being done with Taekwondo. Tonight was graduation and even though we are paid through May 15th, we are not going back. I have so much to get done for BATB, Fred has rehearsal and shows that were going to be in the way, and honestly why have them go for two weeks when they aren't going to complete the unit.

Here are some fuzzy action photos highlighting tonight's fun.

I know you all remember this particular rant of mine and to give you all the same ... closure I got, here is what eventually went down. ElCid talked with the low man more than once and nothing could be settled on between the low man (they guy running the location here in town), the middle man (the other higher up owner) and the top dog (the national owner guy).

The low man could never produce the paper showing that we were told we had to use their gear. He did show me on the new registration form / contract that you now have to initial next to that stipulation. According to what I was told by the low man the top dog said we could have gear for free but the middle man wasn't having any of that so ElCid bought the girls a second set of gear. He was quoted one set of prices (see below) but when he bought the gear he was charged a different price for one of the items. It is the price on the website, just not what he was told.

The low man did give the girls a bag to use and a set of the sticks they were training with and one nunchuck, we returned them tonight. I have no use for and no where to store the stuff I did buy! We sold most of the "wrong" sets on ebay for half of what one set cost us and we're not sure if we will be selling the gear they have now or not, they like to beat on each other while wearing it and it's not like we'll be able to recoup the money.We found out when we went to return the rebreakable boards they are right kind so the girls were able to use them.

When I spoke with low man he was very apologetic about the situation but had very few solutions for me. He very much wanted my other post to be removed from the internet but I'm not willing to do that. He offered us 6 months of free class but I didn't really see that as helping me. Over the next 6 months I would pay for another 3 graduations = $300 (total). I would be looking to buy 3 sets of whatever "safety tool" (what they call the weapons) probably around $300 (total). I also would have been begged relentlessly to get the foot pads which would have been $80(total). An additional $680 out of my pocket and into his for 6 months of "free" class? Yeah right!

Low man is a good teacher, the girls responded very well to him and he taught them a lot, a lot that I hope returns to them when some guy tries a slick move. I just wasn't happy with the constant pushing to buy things, refer new people, and to be involved in all the offered $$$ extras. Dance class doesn't require that of me so I think we'll be sticking with that for now.


Safire said...

I wondered what happened after last post. CRAZY. I would be stopping too because that is just not cool. Hope they have fun with dance class!

PS- That isn't your CC # on the second picture is it?

Kathy said...

Yeah, I think I would be saying not the "free" six months as well. If they had offered six months of your money back, then that would have been cool.

What have I done to be blessed with all your word verifications? urinkies

Valinda said...

No it wasn't a CC# I checked...I'm not sure what it referenced so I took it off. Thanks for keeping us safe.

Karen Valinda said...

I am always astounded at how amazingly beautiful and talented my grand daughters are! George totally has the air of one gracing us with her presence and good will ;-}
hooray for 2 less 'appointments'a wk, as if that will remain true for even a month~ :-Þ JE Always finds something to fill the 'hole'
but then he is just a (wv) plike or maybe an (2nd wv) andwor

Kathy said...

Am I the only one that noticed that George has no pants on?

Valinda said...

My homeless ragamuffin is wearing a size 7/8 shirt and size 24 mo. biker shorts thank you very much.

An Wanna said...

random ? - where are george's pants?

An Wanna said...

Oh, okay I am slow. I had this open from earlier when I was going to post about George's pants then I got distracted by work or homework & didn't see Aunt Kathy's post til I entered mine & it refreshed.

Susan said...

Hey Lady,

We I do want to say that dance class is much better for them in the long run anyways. Having lovely posture and a sense of balance will get them farther in the world than being able to break a little board in 1/2. Plus dance gives them an appreciation of music as well.

I mean, sure I am biased, but seriously - go dance all the way!