Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Muddy Buddies

When I met MyZanne 17 years ago (when I was 11) she introduced me to lots of things, most of them were movies so it was totally obvious that Boo Bear would pick my name to win her movie quote contest she held leading up to her birthday. Today my treats came! And it was cookies! And Muddy Buddies! I'd never had Muddy Buddies before MyZanne. They are Yumtastic but I still hardly ever make them.

Today was a day - I spent time in ColtFan's classroom (which I enjoy doing), then ran and got me Cafe Rio lunch, then got George from school, then home for an hour and a half where I worked on Babette, off to the bank, then to get Fred, then to the Dr. where we spent $50 to sit in the waiting /exam room for an hour and 10 minutes and maybe 20 minutes seeing medical personnel but never the actual Dr., then to get Jr from a friend's house, then home to make dinner, do homework, clean the bathroom, play with the dog, pick out clothes for tomorrow, get pj's on, then finally - go to bed, go TO bed. go TO BED. GO TO BED. By that point I might finally have more time to sew costumes.

Thank you MyZanne today was the perfect day to send me treats, see we are still psychicedly linked.
This is where I live????

I had to add this, I was watching news while I posted.

They are switching all the school in our district on a 12 month schedule to 9 months to save 13.8 million dollars. The wonderful clip the news chose to show was a grandmother of a student "I don't want them to have 9 month school, that isn't enough education time, if they go 9 months they're out of school more often than they're in". W-o-w. Apparently she hasn't heard that no matter what schedule kids go on, they only go 180 days. And 12 (months in a year)- 9(months of school) = 3(summer vacation). 9 is more than 3, they will still be in school longer than they are out. Even I can do that math.

I do feel for the people on tracks 1-4. (Track 5 gets out in late June.) We were on track 3 when our school made the jump from 12 to 9 months and going until Aug 16th then taking a 2 week break and going straight through until mid Dec. was killer when we were so used to it all being broke up! I really liked year round school - when my kids were in school more than they were ... out...?


Linda said...

i found the biggest problem with year round school was when I had kids on traditional schedule (secondary schools) and kids tracking in and out of school it was bedlam!!!!

Zanne said...

I am glad the package reached you.

Sometimes I wonder if they choose the silliest or most reactive commentary to actually air.