Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Now I'm Sorry

I decided to quit my job today. Not permanently, just for a while, like until George goes to school all day in the fall. I love what I do but I wasn't feeling it like I used to, it was becoming a chore that was dragging my whole house into a deep dark pit.

I have one project that is nearly complete and once it's done I will be on a break. I do still have BATB Jr to do for the kid's school and I will still be helping with Damn Yankees this summer but other than that I'm going to make a better effort to spend time with my kids doing free things like bike riding and going to the library.

There were 2 other projects I had deposits on and that money will go toward the project I'm finishing, they were all for the same person.

I will also be spending some time buying an LLC, trade marking my label and new website design.

Hopefully this will help me to feel sane and less like a scatter brained spaz , because that just isn't any fun!


Amber said...

Yah!!!! Jobs, who needs one of those anyways! Congrats! Find your happiness again!

Karen Valinda said...

I am so happy for all of you!
You were an amazing kid and I didn't spend nearly enough time enjoying you, your childhood, your individuality, your personal perspective - a ton of things I didn't even know were there to miss!
I am thrilled to see the library, my personal favorite, on the list. You and all your siblings loved the various offerings from the libraries we lived near...and there were always the summer reading program 'rewards'.
Congratulations to the whole family
Enjoy your mom! xoxoxox

Kathy said...

So, what is an LLC? Is that where you can sue the pants off someone if they steal your dress patterns?

Linda said...

wow. sounds like a quiet summer...not! :-) Glad you can wind down a little.

Zanne said...

I think working on getting your company licensed is a great idea. Family is a good reason to take time off - don't feel guilty.

Safire said...

All great reasons to take off for awhile. :) Enjoy your summer off!

Kathy said...

The real reason you are taking time is because you know I have a national parks pass and you have never been to Zion.