Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm Not Sorry

Our Spring Fundraiser was in late Feb. and we had a really good turn out. Fund raising isn't my favorite part of PTSO but without it we could not operate. We could not hold events or make purchases for the school, like toilet paper and I'm not even joking.

Last week was the "prize" for the kids who sold more than 5 items per child or 10 per family. It was a magic show from 2 - 3 and if a child sold more than 10 items or 20 per family they also got an ice cream cup afterward. The prize was published all around school and the parents were informed of the requirements to get the prize. My girls actually attended the show because I caved and let them do the bare minimum to get to go. I know several parents who did the same thing.

I understand that a lot of parents don't have resources to make unnecessary purchases right now and we appreciate all the help we get. This was the first time my girls participated in the fundraiser. In the past they were always told no and they will most likely be told no next time as well.

This morning I was shown the following note by one of the secretaries...

Apparently these parents don't know how to teach their child that they will not always be included in everything and that is just part of life ... I think I need a treat day ... I also think that parent will not be volunteering to be on the Executive Board next year, that note went home today.


Kathy said...

In this day and age of instant gratification, never using the word no, "winner" ribbons for everyone, and gigantic entitlement issues, I know I am not surprised AT ALL!

It is unfortunate that kids are no longer taught that rewards are earned, there really is only one winner, and you don't get EVERYTHING.

On a separate note, my wv is pinises and I am NOT joking.

Kathy said...

I can also say that as a member of a lower-middle class family that has been in the boundaries of poverty in the past, I am not offended by PTA fund-raising practices. Unless there is a better way for my kids to wipe while at school.

Zanne said...

In MS we had a "100% club" - when you received your mid-semester progress reports, there was a line where you could collect signatures from your teachers verifying that you had 100% of your assignments turned in. Each reporting term they upped the ante of how many signatures you needed to qualify to stay in the club, which allowed you to participate in special events. At the end of the year, you had to have 100% in all 8 classes to go on a field trip to see a movie during school. You didn't earn the grade, you didn't go.

I get frustrated by the same thing when parents come asking for me to write a note to their child's coach or choir teacher giving them permission to play or go on tour even though they are failing my class. There are eligibility rules for a reason!

Now I understand people get weird when it comes to money. But I agree with you that being snotty isn't setting a good example for your kid.

my wv was't as interesting as Kathy's. Blogspot must really like her. Mine is halole - which is hello in a Pepi LePew accent.

Zanne said...

Is no one going to mention the fact that the note was misspelled? Argh! Misspellings tend to diminish the power of snotty words.

Kathy said...

Valinda told me over the phone about the misspelling, so I didn't mention it.

An Wanna said...

I went on a limo ride to an all you can eat buffet DURING school hours for a fundraiser and trust me our family did not have money or buy stuff from me. They should let kids go back to scary door to door sales.

I didn't notice the mis-spelling til I made it bigger.

Karen Valinda said...

Le told me about "parential" so I didn't get to discover it... but it is just a more important form of parental... ya know?
I was dismayed because I had every intention of contributing to the "exclusionary" tactics of the PTSO and missed the opportunity...my parents and siblings humored MY children and their fundraisers!
I will just send $ now and then and have Ddonn hold it "on account". On accountabecause there will always be another fund raiser!