Thursday, April 15, 2010


On her way from Texas to Idaho Moga and Matey had a 2 hour layover here in Vegas so George and I took her some lunch and Matey all his Birthday presents we've been saving up!

I also had the distinction of buying Matey his very first Happy Meal. He's had fast food in the past but never his own meal. I'm a VERY cool aunt!

George liked playing with Matey and was surprised to see he was so much bigger and more fun to play with.

At one point she thought she was putting the toys out of his reach - he quickly showed her how wrong she was!

Matey ate nearly all his chicken nuggets, most of his fries and enjoyed his apple juice. The best part however was the bag. He loved reaching in to get the fries and liked putting things in and out.

Matey is accustomed to people much bigger than he is and literally climbed over George. She wasn't sure what to do and I of course just took pictures :)

All too quickly it was time for us to get the girls and they needed to head back through security, I was unable to convince Moga she ought to just stay here with me. :(

As we left the airport George started asking me when they'd be back and if next time we could take them out of the airport with us. I assured her they would come back and we'd be able to take them home as well. She is definitely looking forward to that, and so am I!!


Hillary said...

Ummmm... My kids can almost eat a happy meal - TOGETHER. He's such a cutie and getting soooooo big.

Kathy said...

I think if you wanted to convince Moga to stay, it might be better in the fake winter-time that Vegas has.

Karen Valinda said...

The pictures are amazing! Thank you Ddonn, you win most amazing Aunt AND Picture poster (as a verb) xoxoxox

Me said...

you gotta send me the one where it looks like Beth is squishin him on the wall so that I can print it up!