Saturday, April 24, 2010

Like that Quantun Leap Halloween episode ...

This is post 666. I kid you not. If your computer crashes, your children burn down the couch or your husband runs over a toy in the back yard with the mower while you read this I am NOT liable.

Yesterday I took Fred shopping with her birthday $$$. We hit Old N@vy and B0rders. She already spent part of her money at W@l Mart and part of it at the school Book Fair.

I also did a good amount of shopping for BATB. I realized after watching one rehearsal that these kids have GOT to get their enchanted costumes ASAP or they are never going to learn how much space they take up and how to hold their bodies.

I have the candles for Lumiere's hands pretty much done and I hope to have something for Mrs. Potts done by tomorrow afternoon rehearsal. The big dresser and Cogsworth are up next after that.

I'm very lucky to have a friend helping with the corsets, vests, and villager alterations!

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Karen Valinda said...

I checked yesterday and nothing from Ddonn... then it appeared this morning, dated Saturday ! ! !
Tiney sez if you started the post Saturday and finished days later it would still say Saturday :-{ I was believing the 666 thing had skipped our couch and the assorted tools JE has left in the IS time to start mowing again ;-}